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Realty Gold World is not a real estate agency. 
The company was born in 2010 in London from the observation that many investors planning to make investments, personal (real estate investment) or commercial (opening of companies), all or part of their funds abroad met with many difficulties from a logistic point of view. 
Often due to lack of knowledge of the local market of the target country: (market price, relationship with professionals in the chosen country, notaries, real estate developers, accountants, banks, tax registration, payment of taxes with the services concerned, language of the country, ecc. ..). 
In order to satisfy our customers we have created different support services to allow a safe and efficient support. 
Today Realty Gold World provide investment support and development but not only, a real 360 degrees viewing of the investors request. Acting in different countries, our partners are lawyers, chartered accountant, developers or real estate agencies, notary’s offices, and hedge funds management.   

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A capital increase is carried out annually, the General Assembly approves this occasion the new associates.

REALTY WORLD GOLD The Company LTD filings with the relevant legal formalities and will send you your certificate prepared by the shareholder registry of the tribunal in Cardiff in the UK (headquarters of our group) with the amount and number of your units.

The certificate has legal value.
Dividends are paid out by the parent at the end of the year.

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